In a perfect world, things in life and business would always go as planned, but we all know this isn’t necessarily the case.  Brett Farmiloe, Founder and CEO of Markitors, lays out a great game plan to get you out of your dilemma. Read the full article here.

1. Create a new plan of action

“Taking action gets you out of your situation. Dwelling on it doesn’t.”

Changes are going to happen. Whether it’s the loss of a sales contract, a team member quitting, disrupted travel arrangements, mechanical failure of a vehicle, or even being fired, it’s vital to immediately identify your available options. Creating a list will help you determine what steps you can take to get yourself back on your desired course.

2. Leverage your relationships

“You don’t think clearly in the midst of chaos. You need to rely on a team to help lead you through to a logical solution.”

You don’t have to face challenges alone. Call a manager or contact HR, call your best friend or close family member, or even explore an online group to identify solutions. If it’s work related (or even personal), you can find allies to help you navigate the rough seas. When Murphy’s Law seems like your new best friend, there is most likely someone around that has been through a similar event who can help give you some advice or perspective.

3. Keep calm

“Things happen for a reason. Don’t go nuts trying to figure out why. It’s always easier connecting the dots in the future, and near impossible connecting those dots in the present.”

We all have a place that comforts and calms us. Whether it’s going outside for a walk or finding a place to sit and take a few deep breaths, you won’t be able to deal with the situation until you are thinking clearly. Don’t be afraid to take a “time out” to find your center.

4. Address physical needs

“Irrational decisions are made when you’re hungry and angry. You just can’t think clearly without taking care of your physical needs like food, water, and rest.”

Just like your car won’t go without fuel, your body needs proper care and nutrition to function properly. Without food, water, and rest, you won’t have the intellectual horsepower to deal with the situation at hand.

5. Make lemonade with lemons

“But in situations like the one you’re in, the only thing you can control is your attitude and outlook.”

In reality, there is little you can control, with the exception being your actions. Adjusting your attitude or view of the challenge may turn the negative into a positive.

6. Make corrections

“When things don’t go to plan, there’s a chance someone or something messed up. If you have the ability to correct the issue, fix it so the same thing doesn’t happen again.”

Do what you can to assist in rectifying the situation and use your experience to educate those around you. Whatever the situation might be, put closure to it and move on.

“Now it’s time to get yourself out of whatever situation you find yourself in. Get a new plan. Lean on your team. Calm yourself. Eat and drink. Make the most of it, and then make corrections for the future.”

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