Why You Should Create Your Bankers Crossing Account Now

Finding a new job is full of repetitive and tedious tasks:  searching for the right opportunities, writing cover letters, tweaking your resume for the position, and keeping track of when you applied and who responded.   It’s a full-time job in itself.

Raise your hand if any of the following apply to you:

Scenario #1:

You can’t remember where you saved the last version of your resume, so you can’t quickly apply for that perfect opportunity you just found.   You scramble to locate it, logging into multiple career sites. Shoot, you think, what password did I useWhich accounts did I sign up with?  Finally, you find an old, outdated version and spend an hour cleaning it up, trying to remember how long you were in that previous position and what you accomplished there. 

Scenario #2

You’re on your fifth job application and you have a headache pounding behind your eyes.  Your eyes are blurry from the tediousness of it all.  If you must enter your work history…. one…. more… time….     How many more jobs will you need to apply for?  Is there an end in sight?

Scenario #3

You receive a phone call from an HR representative, but you can’t remember what position you applied for.  What company is she from? What position did I apply for?  You spend 15 minutes digging through your email to find the information.

Scenario #4

You want to follow up on the status of your application, but you can’t find the contact person’s name in your sea of emails.  You spend 15-30 minutes searching until you finally find it. 

Problem Solved

But worry not.  Bankers Crossing can solve all these problems.  Yes, all of them

The Tracklet™

By completing your profile with us, you’ll obtain access to The Tracklet™, a virtual career assistant that lives in your browser’s bookmarks bar.  It streamlines the job search and application process, saving you both time and countless headaches.  Here’s what the Tracklet™ does:

  • Auto-populates job application forms in a single click
  • Stores multiple cover letters and resumes, and allows you to email them directly from the Tracklet™
  • Tracks and saves job posts found anywhere online, not just on Bankers Crossing
  • Tracks status of applications and communications regarding the position
  • Accessible from any device

Register Before Applying

Some of the employers who advertise on our site prefer that you apply directly in their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  By creating your profile with us first, you will only have to set up your information once, then easily apply to multiple employers with the one-click process!

Create Your Account Now

Complete your profile and get started with Tracklet™ today!  

Check Out theTracklet™ In Action

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