Most of you would agree that professional mentors are important, but do you know how to identify who can best help you grow?  Typically, mentors are typecast as an officially assigned person through a place of employment who provides advice, feedback, and direction. However, by focusing on that definition, you may be limiting your scope of potential mentors.  Can you think of the people you’ve encountered in your past who have influenced your career?  All the little bits of advice you received informally from peers, managers, or higher level executives are a form of mentorship.  

One Simple Tip to Identify Professional Mentors 

So, our simple tip is this: Leverage all the relationships you encounter in your day-to-day activities to find professional mentors.  Take notice of who is skilled in a particular area and then ask for a 15-minute time slot to obtain their advice.  Be open to any feedback you receive, particularly from those who you want to emulate.  Lastly, learn to take advantage of unofficial mentors.

By broadening your scope of who qualifies, you’ll find professional mentors in no time.  

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