GENERAL FUNCTION: Analyzes and processes escalated account transactions on commercial participation loans based on Agent Notification within established productivity standards. Performs a comprehensive commercial loan review of existing USD and Foreign loans to assess its accuracy and completeness, identifying any additional documentation required to match our loan to the Agent/Participant Bank, and ultimately ensuring the enforceability of the documentation. Ensure all daily processing and servicing functions are completed accurately and within service levels on multi-billion dollar loans with potential for high-level customer and bank impact. 

Responsible and accountable for risk by openly exchanging ideas and opinions, elevating concerns, and personally following policies and procedures as defined. Accountable for always doing the right thing for customers and colleagues, and ensures that actions and behaviors drive a positive customer experience. While operating within the Bank#s risk appetite, achieves results by consistently identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring, and reporting risks of all types. 

* Demonstrates and appropriately apply a working knowledge of diverse commercial loan portfolio, legal requirements, Fifth Third Bancorp Commercial Loan policies, State and Federal Laws and Regulations. 
* Ensure documents are accurate, complete and appropriate for the loan structure and structure of borrowing entities. Ensure documents are consistent with loan approval and compliant with written credit and lending policies, Federal regulations and State laws. 
* Input all required entity date, payments (up to $100,000,000), rate changes, new libors, advances (up to $100,000,000), and conversions along with capitalized interest payments. 
* Review all entity documentation to verify exact transactional processing required to meet the requirements of our Commercial Client and Agent/Participant Bank in order to maintain accurate loan documentation. 
* Responsible for communication with Agent/Participant Bank or Officers upon receipt of notifications of advances, new fundings, or conversions so that the participation loans match the Agent/participants and no delinquencies are reported to outside agents (colson/funding corp).
* Compare the details of the loan notification with corresponding loan forms and commercial loan information system (AFS) data in order to identify inconsistencies in the data and prevent potential balancing problems and inaccurate processing. 
* Add value to each department by performing the duties and assignments required by the training program, throughout various Commercial departments.
* Work closely with front office, back office operations, compliance, and legal to ensure all proper documentation and workflow is in place for customer relationships. 
* Manage a multiple flow of activities in conjunction with the closing of complex, structured specialty transactions generated by Lead Banks/Affiliates.
* Maintain effective processes with Funding Desk, Officers, Lenders, and Lead Banks to ensure the timely and accurate processing and boarding of participation transactions.
* Administers and sets up participated facilities on the Commercial Loan system. Reviews and interprets loan documents in order to advise customers & multiple banks regarding servicing and processing in regards to the terms of agreement. 
* Assists the members of multi-bank deals with out of balance conditions by reviewing the member bank#s loan history and determining the cause of the outage. 
* Assists management to ensure that all areas of participation account reconciliation/documentation, and customer service are maintained effectively, efficiently and at the expected level of customer service for both internal and external customers. 


* Associates degree or equivalent combination of training and work experience. 
* Minimum 2 years experience within commercial servicing, back office operations, or a related financial industry.
* Functional experience within a customer service field.
* Extensive analytical skills for reviewing and analyzing loan documentation.
* Ability to work in a team environment.
* Excellent time management abilities and organizational skills.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Demonstrated professional interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong analytical skills.
* Proficient with the various Commercial Loan systems; ALSR, GEAC, AFS, Raft, Vector, Remote Wire, ACE, Intra Links, Mobius, Fifth Third Direct.
* Able to work independently to meet deadlines with a low margin of error.


Reference code: cd0eff5b-58c4-354a-e100-00000a3b0029

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