An Attitude of Gratitude

Our mothers may have taught us it was polite to say thank-you, but who knew gratitude was also paramount in advancing careers? That’s right, a simple thank-you can often be a powerful career move for the artless courtesy it extends. In addition, an attitude-of-gratitude helps keep a positive outlook at work and in life.

Here are some ways thankfulness can be significant to advancing your profession:


If you’re stressed about your interview, it can come across in your demeanor. To relax, focus on things you appreciate in life to help put yourself into an optimistic state of mind. Once the tension is reduced,  you’ll be more confident during the interview.

During the interview

You’re bound to come across tough interview questions, which can be delicate to answer without being negative.  You know them:  Tell me about a difficult boss and how you handled it or Tell us about a time you made a mistake.  Keeping a thankfulness approach can make softening the answers a cinch.   In your response, be sure to mention how grateful you were for the experiences and what they have taught you.

“While the decision I made was not the best for the overall project, I have learned to be more methodical in my approach. I’m grateful for the experience in that regard.”

Closing and Follow-Up

We all know this one, but we’ll mention it again because it’s a good reminder.  Of course, you should always follow up after the interview to thank the potential employer for the time and opportunity.  However, be sure do this at the close of the interview as well.  In addition, thank the interviewer for any specific information they shared with you during the interview, which shows them you were actively listening.

Negotiating an Offer

Received an offer? Great! Before you start negotiating, it’s always best to express your appreciation first.   Thank them for extending the offer to you and for the opportunity to work together. The idea of negotiating is to come to a compromise on differences, and the thank-you brings both parties to a place of agreement to start.

Difficult Conversations

Similar to negotiations, a thank-you is important in bringing dissenters to neutral ground. By thanking the other party, it helps them remember that you are on the same side on things, maybe many things. This helps ease into the difficult conversation.


When you want to build your professional network, sending a thank-you after an event can go a long way. You should recognize specifically how the person has impacted you and provide insights to show you have something to add to the relationship. This extra step of appreciation will be influential in progressing your career.

Career Moves

If you are looking for a change or advancement in your profession, identifying your priorities is important in knowing what is best for you. To do this, make a list of the things you are grateful for in your current or past jobs. The list will help narrow the focus to specific job titles or companies for your next career move.

Gratitude is Powerful to Your Career 

If you follow the simple practice of recognizing what you are grateful for and expressing appreciation to those in your network, you can see a strong impact on accelerating your career.

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