4 Reasons You Should Hire Applicants 45+

As a follow up to our tips for overcoming age bias in the job search, this week we will explore the why employers should hire applicants ages 45+ years.   When hiring candidates, age bias is often unconscious.  It can be found in job descriptions with words like “energetic” and “fast-paced.”  It comes across in employer […]

Trends in Talent Management: Employee Retention Through Career Development

Trends in Talent Management: Employee Retention Through Career Development According to BAI’s 2018 Banking Outlook: Trends in Talent Management study, one of the best ways to retain employees is through offering career development, leadership programs, and adequate training.  Insight was provided by surveying nearly 600 HR professionals and financial sector employees.  Here are some of […]

Why Employers Should Start Video Interviewing Now

Video interviewing has generated quite a buzz over the past few years.  Not all HR representatives and recruiters are sold on the idea yet, but the concept is catching on.  HR.com surveyed 526 HR professionals in 2018 on their use of video interviewing and interviewing platforms.  Over fifty percent reported they currently utilize video interviewing. […]

Happy Holidays from Bankers Crossing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Bankers Crossing Staff!  We’re taking a break from giving you career advice this week, so we thought it would be fun to share our favorite holiday traditions instead.   Enjoy! Rebecca Westling In the days when cereal makers included little prizes in their boxes, we pulled a Sugar Bear […]

Seven Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

Hiring is a critical and essential part of owning and operating a business.  How do you encourage the best applicants when you’re looking to fill a role? Below are seven helpful hiring process best practices compiled by Sammi Caramela of Business News Daily. 1. Build a strong employer brand. Did you know that the majority […]

HR & Recruiting: The Quality vs. Quantity Debate

Whether you’re looking to fill a single critical position or multiple positions within your company, there are two primary schools of thought when it comes to sourcing resumes of potential candidates: quantity vs. quality.  The quantity approach focuses on finding the greatest number of potentially qualified applicants as possible in the shortest amount of time, […]

Why You Should Advertise Your Employer Brand on Bankers Crossing

One of the benefits of advertising your jobs on Bankers Crossing is that we include a company-branded page for FREE.  Why is this important? For starters, 50% of job seekers use job boards to identify job opportunities and to locate potential employers.  Increasingly, job seekers want to know about the company culture and what it’s […]

How to Use Employees in Your Recruiting Strategy

In 2017, LinkedIn released a Global Recruiting Trends report with an outlook on recruiting strategies across 19 countries. One of the key findings was that effective brand marketing is becoming increasingly important in the quest for quality employees.   Despite recognizing the importance, employers are still disconnected from what potential employees want to know, as indicated […]

Four Reasons to Include Salary on Your Job Description

When you’re posting an open position, obviously you want to attract quality candidates.  Many companies shy away from posting salary details on their job descriptions for a few reasons, including weakening their negotiating position, not wanting to disclose to competitors what the pay range is, or not wanting to draw attention to less-than-competitive pay. For […]

Millennials Make Great Employees

Hiring great employees is not as easy as it sounds.  Business owners tend to look for prospects with years of experience.  However, there’s a large pool of young professionals just waiting to be discovered. Millennials are individuals born between 1981 and 1997 (or aged 21 to 37 in 2018).  The Millennial generation is significantly different […]

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