Financial stability, security, motivation to advance – a job is something that everyone yearns for. However, the process of obtaining a job is arduous and requires the candidate to put their best foot forward.

The balancing act of having the employer want you as much as you want them is very complex. You need to show that you will be a valuable asset to the team and can truly grow as an employee in the particular position. When the day does come and you do get that job offer, there are a few things you must keep in mind or that job offer can disappear rather quickly!

1. Professionalism

Being a professional in and out of the workplace is a requirement, not an option. Many jobs do drug tests before they officially offer you a job as well as background checks. You have to ask yourself – would you hire yourself?


2. Multiple Offers

The last thing a job candidate wants to do is go back to the company with more than three offers, continuously attempting to bump up his/her salary.  This is business and it is completely okay to go back and forth with a company, but after the third time, the company may want to cut its losses and revoke the offer!


3. Timing

Imagine yourself selling something and someone has made an offer. You accept the offer and weeks keep going by because they haven’t paid yet. Well, this is exactly what a company feels like when they offer you a position and you haven’t pulled the trigger within the first few days. Companies want enthusiastic individuals motivated to work. Although most companies will give you a deadline, you may want to be ahead of that deadline to show how much it means to you – a gateway to promotion.


4. Social Media

One thing people do not think about is the separation of private life and your professional life. Your social media accounts are a part of your private life and sometimes these accounts can cause you to lose an offer. One of the worst things to do is add your employer on social media immediately after you get an offer. First off, there should be nothing on your account to detract an offer to begin with, but either way, it should be kept private from your job. As the social media age continues to flourish, this is something to really keep in mind.


The tips above can be considered the Big 4: you must ask yourself how you would want to be treated if you were offering someone the job. Professionalism is key in any environment as well as separating your private and public life. Be prompt with responding to your interview and don’t start a war between two companies seeing who can pay the higher salary. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to accept that offer!

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