According to Sujan Patel via, hiring managers indicate that finding quality candidates represents the number one issue they face.  The current low unemployment rate presents additional challenges as many employers pursue the most sought-after candidates.   

With a market flooded with job opportunities and a limited talent pool, how do you get out in front of the competition?   

As a niche job board, we will naturally tell you to use one in the job advertising process.  However, there are facts to show it is an effective method to obtain candidates.

So, here’s why you should advertise your jobs on job boards.

It’s an opportunity to sell your company brand

In 2017, the job board technology company Madgex completed the Global Job Seeker Survey. The purpose was to understand the habits of job seekers concerning job boards.  Their findings concluded that 50% of job seekers use job boards to identify potential employers.  In fact, it was the number one reason they used job boards. 

As job seekers locate employers that interest them, they’ll typically go onto the company’s career site to discover additional opportunities before applying.   

By advertising on a job board, you’re expanding your brand recognition to a new candidate pool.   

Bankers Crossing not only provides employers with a company branded page, but we can also feature companies on our homepage and share essential details about the company on our social media networks.

View sample company page.

Job seekers start with job boards to research open positions.

The findings of the survey also concluded that 50% of job seekers used job boards to locate and apply for positions.  

If you’re not advertising on job boards, you’re limiting your candidate reach.  Most job seekers use at least four digital sources to find work. However, up to 42% use eight or more digital sources to find work.   The more places you advertise, the better the chance of reaching your target candidate.  

Niche job boards reach your target audience

The number two reason job seekers use job boards is to find jobs in their niche market.  You can use a general job board, but also consider a board relevant to your industry.   Job boards must also prove their value by delivering applicants and candidates.  Therefore, they will do the work to attract the talent suitable to your positions and industry.     

They are the experts in marketing jobs

Job boards use advanced marketing techniques to attract relevant talent to your positions.  At Bankers Crossing, we are leveraging a network of publishers to target candidates, thereby extending the reach to quality candidates.  You can advertise your jobs in multiple locations without having to do any of the work! 

We also take advantage of social media to attract candidates and connect with relevant industry leaders to build brand awareness as a go-to source for top banking and finance positions.

Learn more today

If you’re an employer in the banking and financial services industries, check out our Employer Page for product and pricing information.   We have a variety of options, from monthly subscription services to one-off postings.  Alternatively, contact us to set up a call to discuss further!

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