As a follow up to our tips for overcoming age bias in the job search, this week we will explore the why employers should hire applicants ages 45+ years.   When hiring candidates, age bias is often unconscious.  It can be found in job descriptions with words like “energetic” and “fast-paced.”  It comes across in employer branding, which tends to use images of younger employees.  It appears during the evaluation of potential candidates when looking at graduation dates or the length of a resume.

Curiously, we often diminish the value of the older workforce and we shouldn’t.  Here are four reasons why you should hire candidates who are 45+ years old.

#1 Experience

This one is a no-brainer.  Individuals who have been in the workforce longer have more experience.  They have not only honed the tangible skills required for the job, but also the valuable intangible ones, such as communicating effectively, being a team player, and managing crises. 

# 2 Adaptable to change

The workplace is constantly changing, and one must quickly acclimate to these changes.  Workers over 45 have likely been through multiple such upheavals throughout their careers and even expect them.  It makes them better adapters.  

# 3 Willing to fail

More experienced workers have the maturity to understand that it’s okay to fail.  This makes them more likely to tackle projects or assignments outside of their normal scope or job description.

#4 Customer oriented

They prefer more personal interactions, such as phone calls and lunches, and in-person meetings.  This makes them ideal for sales and customer service roles, where clients feel valued for the time provided to them. 

So the next time you receive an application from a candidate over 45, be sure to consider these reasons as to why they may be a good fit for the role. 


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